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Si explores the natural world of plants and trees and translates his extensive knowledge and love of plant life into imaginary and fantastical seed and pod-like structures. His affinity with the materials he uses enables him to produce work that not only compliments the beauty of wood but also tests its strength and structure to the extreme. 

Each of Si’s sculptures is inspired by the shape and grain of the raw material which, with his knowledge of its structural capabilities, guides him to its finished form. Some works appear to be finely balanced – secured by steel rods anchoring them to the ground and allowing them to grow delicately skywards.

With the hollow forms he works the sculptures extensively, paring down each piece to the least amount of wood imaginable revealing the most delicate lace-like structures. The resulting contrast of strength and lightness, solidity and space creates distinctive architectural forms.

In other work Si explores interpretations of flowers and seed heads. Working in both wood and metal he creates beautifully observed constructions that move with the wind emulating the plant forms that have inspired them. These giant, imagined seed pods and flower heads seem familiar but also strangely other-worldly.

Si’s work is intentionally made ‘human-size’ and is a reminder of how much beauty there is around us that shouldn’t be missed.  Even the smallest things are worthy of our attention.

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